Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am so in love with life here. Here is a quick 411. I will write more later.. I am almost out of time here i nthe Internet Cafe... So here's a little somethin..

Last weekend was great, we went to the Liberian Refugee camp- it was a long trip, but very interesting, humbling, and a learning experience. Then Sunday we went to catholic church, and it was actually cool outside, crazy. Then a bunch of my Ghanaian friends and some American ones too watched The Book of Eli- they are amazing at getting burned movies here. It was really sad, but good. So much fun! We ate traditional Ghana treats and sweet popcorn and watched it on some laptops. Monday I went to a village called Ada. It is very rural with no runninf water- so amazing. It takes about two hours to get there, so I will be planning on going once/wk to teach. It is challenging because many of the kids don't understand my accent because they are not really exposed to obrunis or Americans often. I am trying to work on my Ghanaian accent in hopes of them understanding me better. Their dialect is called Dangme, which is different than the local Accra dialect or the Asante tribe of Twi. Gosh, the people here are incredible- they all speak about 3 different languages- english, their own dialect, and another in order to understand people from other tribes. So amazing! I am really excited about the school in Ada. My classmate and friend Dixon took me out there because he taught there for three years, so I met all of his friends and they made local dishes for lunch for us, and local ice cream that they make with ginger and spices and this beautiful flower that makes it this dark maroon color, yummm. Then one of the students shimmied up the coconut tree (wow!!) and threw some coconuts down, cracked a few open for us and I got to drink coconut water right out of the coconut! Then they carved a spoon out of the coconut and gave it to me to scoop out the coconut meat... omg!! Delicious and so cool! Today I tried to go to a school in Dzorwulu on the trotro, and waited for about 30 minutes and couldn't get one, so I gave up bc i wouldn't make it in time for the lesson. But, I am taking a social work class about AIDS and today at 1:30 we are going to a special AIDS unit for a field trip. I am so excited. Yuki is in that class, too which will be great. He is one of my best friends from Tokyo.. He has selection for the soccer school i nthe Volta Region that he asked me to be the head teacher of... so great! Sorry this is a year long.. know that I think about you all the time and love youuuuuuuuuuuuHave such a great Wednesday, I hope I can call you soon!This weekend we are going to Kumasi.. it's about 6 hrs away and where all of the traditional fabric is weaved and where much art is.. I am so excited! We will be staying there for two nights.

I love you all. Will write more later. :)


  1. ahh! you're updates are the best! i love hearing about all your adventures! selfishly, i pretend you are writing just to me. haha. miss you! praying for you!

  2. Kels, what's up girl?? Checked your facebook page and just started reading the blog.I'm excited for future updates. We miss you here, especially at the Cross--your leadership there is sorely missed. Hope you are well, you sound happy. God bless, you are in my prayers.